An autumn walk on the pedestrian streets of the unique city of Nafplion, which she grew up in the summers, Margarita Petrakis was born the image of its creation Memento.

Memento means memento-memory !!!

This was the Margarita's stimulus to create a separate space for the visitor to this CITY, not to forget his visit to it.


On the day of Love February 14, 2014 opened the doors of this special space to offer its guests items, which with love are made one-one by itself and other creators and artists. Clay creations, jewelry handmade, games creatively for children, Souvenirs you want to remind you of personal moments. All made and accented with emphasis on quality and special aesthetics. Do you always want something to take with you and feel that something special has happened as many times and if you visited it.

This is the memento that much love gives and takes from its guests.